Diabetes can control this surgery, treatment is cheaper

Diabetes can control this surgery, treatment is cheaper....

  1. Diabetes is no longer cure.
  2. Treatment possible with obesity surgery.
  3. Many institutions accept it's importance.
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Diabetes is considered a life-long disease. 
It is a disease that has no cure. It is also not possible to get rid of this disease After hunting it, the person has to change his lifestyle and the manner of catering. At the same time he has to exercise regularly and take medicines. Diabetes is a serious disease, which is due to the end of insulin production capacity of the body, or not being able to use that capacity properly. Due to this, high levels of glucose is accumulated in the body, which in many ways harm the body.

In India about 60 million people, 60 million people are suffering from diabetes. And this number is continuously increasing. If diabetes worsens, it can cause problems such as heart attack, kidney failure, brain stroke, blindness, damage to the nervous system and dissection.

Uncontrolled illness
It is unfortunate that despite such availability of such research, educational programs and medicines, 50 per cent of the world's globally and 70 per cent of diabetes in Mumbai remain uncontrolled. As a result, the person has to suffer from feelings of depression, dependence on others. Not only this, due to this, his life also diminishes.

Bariatric Surgery is Helpful
The positive effect of bariatric surgery that started for obesity in the 1950s is also seen in the form of reduced diabetes in the person. Many researches show that after surgery, 80 to 90 percent of patients die of diabetes. Exemption means that even the amount of sugar in the blood remains normal without consuming medicines.

Hormones does affect
Initially it was seen as an additional benefit of weight loss surgery. But, now it is clear that this surgery reduces diabetes due to this. And it should not only be seen as the benefit of losing weight. In most patients, blood sugar becomes normal within 3 to 7 days of surgery. By this time, the process of losing weight in their body would not have started. This surgery affects the intestinal hormones. These hormones are only considered responsible for type-to-diabetes.

Acceptance worldwide
The procedure for the treatment of diabetes is also being adopted in Iliad Transposing Surgery in bariatric surgery. Recently, bariatric surgery, also called metabolic surgery, has also been accepted by the International Diabetes Federation, the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and Obsessive Surgery Society of India.

treatment of diabetes
Now that day is not far when 70% Indians suffering from diabetes will not only be able to control diabetes, but also get rid of daily injections and medicines.

These measures will be taken to protect and protect against diabetes.
Adopt healthy eating habits. You can also get help from your doctor or dietician for this. You need regular workouts.
Adopt active lifestyle. Do at least 30 minutes of exercise at most days of the week. You can ask your doctor what exercise will be suitable for you.
Take medicines as prescribed by the doctor.
Check your blood glucose daily. Along with this, keep a complete record of your blood glucose.
Check your feet regularly. See that there is no cut, swelling, scars, and redness in it. Check your fingernails too.
Floss your teeth regularly and clean it.
Check your blood pressure and cholesterol.

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