Fat people will also dream of complete, bariatric surgery will get slim figure

Fat people will also dream of complete, bariatric surgery will get slim figure

Irregularity in eating habits is the biggest cause of obesity, which most people are upset. People take various types of tricks to lose weight, but there is no special effect on the body. Weight increases but it is difficult to reduce it. If you are serious about your weight then you can also take the surgery. Bariatric surgery is considered to be effective for this. These types of surgery also help actors, actresses, although this surgery is for people whose weight is 30 to 40 kg more than their length.
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What is bariatric surgery
In bariatric surgery 80 percent of the stomach is cut off and separated. Within 6 months of this surgery, weight decreases to about 60 kg. During surgery, all the fat around the abdomen around the body and the fat around the body's flexible skin, such as the thighs, is removed. Bariatric surgery is also considered to be a part of cosmetic surgery because after this surgery you become tender and beautiful. After weight loss surgery, the person needs a complete guideline, so that he can be saved from any side effects.

Bariatric surgery procedure

The laparoscopic method is adopted to perform this surgery. Earlier surgery was performed by opening the full stomach, where the stitches came, but now four or five cuts are applied on the stomach, in which three 1-1 centimeters and one or two cuts of 5-5 millimeters. Nowadays doctors also do the surgery by a cut. This surgery is mainly done in three types-

1. Material Advantage Method
2. Restrictive method
3. Gastric Bypass Method

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Problems after operation

Some people do not get to see any kind of complexity and some come in many types of complexities. Such as Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B Complex, Protein and Folic Acid Reduction.
Folic acid, iron and vitamin deficiency can lead to a lack of blood, osteoporosis and bone disorder, which reduces the complaint after supplying it to the outside.

Gastric bypass procedure, those who consume excessive sweeter of sweet food, fruit juice, etc. have problems like stomachache, mitlish, diarrhea, headache, excessive sweating. They are asked to refrain from sweet and eat a balanced diet of fresh fruits, green vegetables and milk.
All the surgeries, which lack fast weight, are susceptible to stones in the gallbladder. In this way, the medicine to dilute the bile is given. If, for some reason, the calculus goes, then it is removed by operation.
Looking at the possibility of having many surgeons, they also remove the gallbladder during bariatric surgery. Regardless of whoever has bariatric surgery, they need to be under the supervision of their physician.
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