Nothing will spoil your diabetes, just keep in mind that

Nothing will spoil your diabetes, just keep in mind that...

• The world's most patients with diabetes are in India.
• Doing regular exercise is also the reason for having diabetes.
• We can avoid this from a balanced diet in diabetes.
आपका कुछ नहीं बिगाड़ पाएगी डायबिटीज, बस रखें इस बात का ख्याल
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Most of the patients suffering from diabetes in the world are in India. Diabetes is a disease that, if not controlled, it increases the risk of problems related to many diseases such as high blood pressure, heart and kidney etc., but the good news is that some precautions are controlled by it can be done. When people first get to know about diabetes, they become stressed. The only question in his mind is that can diabetes be eliminated from the root? To know the answer to this question is important to understand about diabetes.
Type-1 diabetes
There are two main types of diabetes. First, type-1 diabetes. In this diabetes, white cells of the body destroy the pancreatic cells making insulin. Due to this the lack of insulin in the body is fully generated. Finding the reasons for type 1 diabetes is difficult now and it can happen to any person at any time.
Type-2 diabetes
The second type of diabetes, which is most commonly called, is called type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes does not have the right use of insulin in the body. Due to the excess amount of insulin in the body, pancreatias do not make enough insulin. Having a Type II diabetes, our unhealthy lifestyle has a very important role. Do not exercise regularly and unhealthy eating habits etc.
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It is difficult to get rid of diabetes, but keeping it under control is a happy life. The control of diabetes is based on four pillars. These are the columns- our catering (diet), the second exercise, the third is regular screening of sugar and the fourth pillar - proper use of medicines.
How are you diet
The proper diet and exercise is the fundamental thing to control diabetes. In the current round, food has become just the source of the taste and stomach for the tongue. A general assumption is that excessive intake of sugar or made foods is a major cause of diabetes, but the real reason for the occurrence of diabetes is the imbalance of nutrients in our diet. Therefore nutritious diet plays an important role in the control of diabetes.
• It is mandatory to take into account the amount of food, quality of food or the time of eating in diabetes. In our diet, the amount of refined grains and lubricant (fat) is quite high. Therefore it is mandatory to have control over it.
• It is beneficial to consume more fiber than whole grains like Dalia, oats, ragi, barley and brinjal.
• The use of oil, ghee, should also be done in small quantities or should keep the oil changed regularly.
• Our food has a special lack of vegetables and protein rich food items. Therefore, take as much as possible of green vegetables or eat protein rich in lentils, gram, chickpeas, milk, curd and egg, etc. regularly.
• After breakfast, it is beneficial to eat packaged foods or ready-to-eat foods with tea instead of eating nutritious items like fruit, roasted gram, sprouted pulses or gram etc.
Exercise related information
Exercise does not have the full effect of insulin. Therefore it is necessary to exercise. Many people have the impression that exercising empty stomach exercises in the morning benefits only, but people with diabetes need to be careful about some exercise issues. Exercise can be done at any time during the day, but making a rule is mandatory.
Exercising an empty stomach in diabetes increases the risk of hypoglycemia (hypoglycemia). Therefore fruits or almonds and walnuts etc. can be consumed before exercise. Aerobics exercises, promenade, swimming and jogging are beneficial in diabetes. Yoga and meditation play an important role in reducing mental stress. Such positive changes in life style play a key role in controlling sugar.
Regularly check sugar intake...
It is compulsory to check the sugar in order to control diabetes. This is because many people do not show any symptoms when the sugar is high. Not only this, it is necessary to check on the low sugar (hypoglycemia). Apart from this, the 'HBA1C' test tells the average of three months of sugar. Another test laboratory has to check the sugar. Apart from this, Sugar can also be tested through Glucometer and CGM.
Glucometer check
Through this, sugar can be easily tested at home. When to check sugar and how many times a week has to do, it depends on the control of the sugar. It is important to check the type of sugar in type 2 diabetes before eating and after two hours of eating. Such investigations can be done at different times of day through glucometer. It is important to keep a record of sugar by checking the sugar so that the changes in the medicines and lifestyle can be done according to the level of sugar.
Modern technology-CGM
CGM is a modern technology in monitoring sugar, with the help of which you can estimate sugar levels throughout the day and night. Sugar can be monitored continuously by CGM. CGM usually works through a small sensor placed on the stomach or arm. This sensor measures the level of liquid glucose below the skin. This sensor tests glucose every few minutes, with the help of which the acceleration or incidence of glucose is recorded in different conditions. In these situations, the use of CGM is beneficial.
On the one hand, tablets are given at the beginning of type-2 diabetes, but after a few years, the need for insulin read with the bullets. On the other hand, giving insulin to Type-1 diabetes is the only treatment. In those individuals who have complications related to diabetes, medicines are selected by keeping the complications in mind.
Allopathic is not harmful
There is a perception among many people that allopathic medicines can have side effects. In such cases, many people with diabetes do not talk to the doctor due to the feeling of hesitation. Due to all these reasons, many people use different types of alternative medicine like Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Greek etc. The credit for promoting this type of mentality of the people is in the media or ads being telecasted. Many ayurvedic medicines can be used like dietary supplements, but their use for the treatment of the disease will be proven only when proper research gives evidence. So do not stop using the medicines given by your doctor by coming to someone else's perspective.
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