Smart Hair Color Idea Smart Hair Color Ideas In Hindi

Smart Hair Color Idea Smart Hair Color Ideas In Hindi

Hair coloring has become a fashion not only for people nowadays, because it does not give new hair to the hair, but also makes a very good change in the form. But adopting this fashion is not so easy, because its misuse can lead to many losses. Therefore it is very important to have complete information before using the hair color.
Although the hair color is used to hide the white hair, but nowadays the mix and match trend has increased so much that now people are adopting matching fund for clothing and hair, for which hair color There is an easy way.
Experts say that the use of hair color as it is growing nowadays is good for fashion but can also be harmful for hair, because hair color demands a lot of attention after hair color.
Hair can be worn because of chemicals present in the hair and if the hair does not care properly after the hair color, then the hair definitely fails.

Beauty experts say that people want to use it despite knowing the loss of hair color. Apart from this, people often make a mistake and do it. They do not use hair color in the mind of the person, who enjoys the color, just take it that which is wrong, which is wrong. It is not necessary that everyone's colors look good on everyone.
Types of Hair Color Before Using Hair Color-
Types of Hair Color Types of Hair Colors

1. Temporary Hair Color Temporary Hair Color

 It is for a special occasion i.e. it stays in the hair for a very short period of time. Hair cleansing once hair clears once or twice.

2. Semantic Color Color Semi-Permanent Color

 The bean pure color is the one in which the molecules are used. Apart from this, if you have been instructed to wash in a few minutes after coloring the hair color, then understand that it is semi-permanent hair color.
 It does not reach deep in the hair, so its effect remains in the hair for six weeks, then it comes in its natural color.

3. Dummy Permanent Hair Color Dummy Permanent Color

 Dummy Permanent Hair Color is used to keep color in the hair for long periods of time. Its effect lasts for two to three months in the hair.
 Ammonia and paraoxide are not used in it. This Dummy Permanent Hair Color is the best recognition. About Hair and Peace of Hair Expert World-class peace says that Deep Coffee Brown, Medium Ash Brown, Red Violet, Dishwater Blondie, Cool Ashes, Blue Black, Soft and Piper, Wine, Burgundy, Platinum Hair Color More in Fashion Trend Running
How To Do Permanent Hair Setting - Tips In Hindi
Which color will you like on which color Suits You
Do not know how many hair colors exist in the market. But do you know which color would you like? Because it is not necessary that every color is good on you

Selection of color should be arranged in both fashion and personality. So let's find out which color would you like?
Eye color: black, brown, blue or gray.
Skin Color: Wheat and Strawberries.
Hair Color: If the color of the eyes above and the color of the skin is one, you will love the colors like Blue Black, Coffee Brown, Medium S. Brown, Medium Golden Brown and Soft and Piper.
Ignore: Ignore color like Gold, Yellow, Red.
Eye color: brown, green, black or blue
Skin color: Blonde.
Hair color: Those who have white skin should use dark brown with gold and red, strawberry blandy, gray with yellow cast, natural golden blanket.

Select hair color according to age........ 

If you want to choose hair color according to age, then know which would be nice to you.
For the age of 20
 Although, at the age of 20, the use of hair color should not be started, because if the ace-dukka hair is white at this age, then its use should be avoided. But nowadays, the use of hair color is more fashionable than hiding the young white hair.
 In a young age, you like colors like red, wine, blue, black and gray blue.
For the age of 30
 Burgundy is a color that is dazzling at this age or the blonde feels good on every woman. Apart from this, white women can use color like Deep Brown, Platinum, Coffee Brown.
For the age of 40
When the hair reaches the age of 40, the hair becomes very white. So hair color is used not only for fashion but also for need.
 Observe the color like black brown while looking at the age. This will also make the hair look natural.
For the age of 50
 Women have to be forced to use hair color to hide white hair at this age.
 50, if white women use white tones with white streams and brown women with Ashtone, then it will be better.

Please keep in mind these things Please Take Care

 Keep hair clean and keep it shampoo and conditioning regularly.
 You can also use color booster.
 Always use good branded hair color.
 If you want to use a new hair color in your hair and have already used a hair color, do not use other hair color on it.
 Try to use one or two shades on the hair at one go. Do not use more than two shades.
 Read all the instructions given in the hair color pack, then use it accordingly.
 Choose hair color which has moisturizer and hair is safe too.
 Do not use the wrong things on it to remove color from the hair. They come in natural colors over time.
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