Wire Transfer Payments for AdSense publishers in India

According to the payment address provided by Google AdSensepublishers, there are four payment options available for their AdSense earnings and these payment methods are i) Checks, ii) Electronic Funds Transfer, iii) Western Union Quick Cash and iv) Rapida. However, to select a form of payment, your earnings must have reached the payment method selection threshold.

Till now, only Cheque (issued by Citibank) payment method was available to those publishers who receive payments at a payment address in India. The checks were mailed via the local courier service Blue Dart which takes 15-20 days to delivers cheque from the date of issue of payments.

Therefore, Indian AdSense publishers were eagerly waiting for the new payments system for their AdSense earnings and get rid of cheque payment system which takes several weeks to get clear and paid. But, now AdSense publishers in India will get their AdSense earnings directly into their bank account. This is because the Google AdSense Team has announced officially to replace cheque payments with U.S. Dollar international wire transfers.

In other words, Google India finally added the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment option for Indian AdSense Publishers so that they don’t have to wait for 3 to 5 weeks for their AdSense earnings Citibank cheques to reach and further wait for a week to get that cheque cleared.

Thus, Indian AdSense Publishers may opt-in to receive their AdSense earnings directly into their bank account automatically, within 2-3 business days. Note that the wire transfer option is available as an invitation mode for Indian publishers and they can choose this method for the upcoming August, 2014 scheduled payment. Thereafter, for any month you may go for new payment system and receive all your AdSense earnings directly into bank account just within 24 hours.

However, to be eligible for April 2016 EFT payment cycle, you must have to apply a “self-hold” to your payments settings prior toSaturday, 16 April, 2016 06:00 A.M. IST.

The normal payment date in new system starts at approximately midnight (IST) on the 22nd of each month and transactions usually clear in 3-4 business days.

That means after successful upgrading your AdSense account for EFT payment system, Google will send your AdSense earnings on 22nd of each month provided your earnings reached threshold limit of $100. See the screenshot for proof of my AdSense earnings payment issued date.
How to Upgrade AdSense Account for EFT Payment

To avail EFT payment option, you have to follow these steps:


Login to your Google AdSense account.


Click gear icon appears in the top right corner and then select Paymentsfrom the drop-down list.


Now, click Payment settings from on the left sidebar menu.


You will see Self-holdoption in the last, just click onedit self-hold and select the check box that says Hold payments and finally apply it.
As long as the self-hold is present on your account, Google AdSense India will upgrade your account to EFT payments system within a few days (the next 24 hours or so) of setting this hold.

Thus, applying a self-hold now will mean that you will not receive any cheque payments in future rather your earnings will be credited directly into your bank account through EFT mode.


When your AdSense account will be upgraded to EFT (New) payment system for AdSense earning payment you will see a message on your AdSense account screen as given below:

“Your account has been upgraded to a new payments system”

Now click on the View paymentslink shown at the right top corner or follow Step-2 mentioned above. Now you will see the following message as shown in picture.

Go to the payment settings and click on Add a new form of payment button as shown in this image.

Finally, you are required to provide the following fivemandatory information:

1) Account Holder Name: You should have to write the name of account holder.But, please make sure that the name and address listed on your AdSense account match what’s listed on your bank account.

2) Bank name: Provide your bank full name in which your AdSense earnings will be credited.

3) IFSC: The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is an alphanumeric code which identify the particular branch of any bank. You may find your bank branch IFSC code in the cheque provided by your bank.

4) SWIFT Code: Bank Identifier Code (BIC) is widely known as SWIFT code which is a unique identification code for a particular bank. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIF) handles the registration of SWIFT codes.

The SWIFT code consists of 8 or 11 characters. The first 4 characters are bank code and next 2 characters are country code. Thereafter next 2 characters are location code and last 3 characters are for branch code.


5) Bank Account Number: You may provide your any bank account number in which you want to receive your AdSense earnings.

Why my current balance showing $0 in upgraded Payment System?

Note that all payments made or the payments which has recently been stopped by either you or AdSense team, as the case may be, would not be shown in the upgraded payment system. Therefore, to see the history of all payments made earlier, you need to go on payments tab and scroll down to the end of payment history page. Now, click on see your previous payments text link button as appears in this screenshot.

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