Computer ki RAM kaise Badhaye 16GB Tak HDD ki Madad Se

How to increase the RAM of the computer
The slow computer has got the timing of the time, since it has been a part of the whole world. Slow Computer is the main driver of the computer's RAM.

I post this to know that your computer has 16GB of RAM, so that your computer has a hard disk to use memory.

To make a computer speed, you need a simple computer that has a virtual memory backup. I want to configure the virtual RAM of my computer, and I can still do the same with the virtual RAM of the computer.

The computer is able to convert 16GB to HDD.

Computer in RAM

What is the reason that Kaise Ram is the computer that has the speed of the RAM when I go to the RAM and I do not know what I mean?

What is computer RAM
RAM (Random Access Memory) is going to be computer-wide, but I do not think it is possible to run a computer program, but I have no application program to do so, but I have to process the process. Jo Hah Ham Copy, has a paste that makes me think The memory of RAM has been read to Hard Disk, Floppy or CD ROM. RAM has a lot of data that is temporary, because it is the only computer that has the band's data connection.

RAM has been used to run a software or process, but it does not work as a software to make a difference to other software, but there is still a lot of computer work to do with RAM.

The computer has been used to handle any technical problem.
RAM Computer
Step 1: Click on the Start menu on the Start menu and click on Properties.
To change the properties of Computer, go to the RAM
Computer ki RAM kaise Badhaye

Step 2: Click on Advanced System Settings.
You can also contact us for your computer.
Control Panel \ System and Security \ System
Computer ki RAM kaise Badhaye

To improve the computer's advanced system settings, please go to
Step 3: Click on the popup button .. Advanced menu next to the settings ...
Click on Advanced to turn on the RAM setting.
Computer ki RAM kaise Badhaye

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Step 4: Get Adobe Flash player Click on the Change button next to the Advanced Memory icon.
Computer ki RAM kaise Badhaye

To change the memory of RAM, click on the Change button.
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Step 5: Above the popup, we've got the RAM setting in place.
If you want to delete a RAM key in RAM, then select OK.

Computer ki RAM kaise Badhaye

I want to thank you all for doing this.
Ab Custom Size Selects the memory chit to be used.
Click on the Ok button.
It is possible that you can send your computer to RAM, which is the trick to run Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

If you do not have any Bade Software, or any heavy game is your computer, or if your computer is slow enough to do so. Aap Issue setting me is your computer that can be up to 16GB or it's RAM for some other software.

If you have any questions about this problem or have any problem, please comment on this question.

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