30 Blogging mistakes Jo Blogger ko Nahi karni Chaiye

30 Blogging mistakes Jo Blogger ko Nahi karni Chaiye( 30 Blogging Mistakes That Blogger Should Not Do)

Mistakes are made from this, why do I have to give a big picture, I am sharing blogging mistakes against my blog, but I do not have a blogger.

If you want to get past the last time you've been able to read it, you can get it done, but you have no blogging about any galti yet.
30 Blogging mistakes Jo Blogger ko Nahi karni Chaiye
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Blogging mistakes do not make any blogs

Blogger does blogging mistakes
Mistake 1: Blogging is your problem: If you are a blogging person or you have a blog, you do not have to pay a blogging. Q I do not know why, I have a lot of results, I have a lot of love for you. hoke me a few days to blogging

Blogging is a great way for you to read or post a comment on your blog or blog, the blogging ending is going on.

Blogging has begun to show you interest on your interest, but you have made an interest payment.

Mistake 2: Rojana Post Na Karna: If you want to post a comment on Bhut Badiya Post, then please do not send regular messages to any blog or any other blog.

Regularly, the blog has been cast as I have been able to post it.

Mistake 3: Copyright Post search: Post copy can be published by your blog and is available in New Blogger. It is very easy to copy your copy. Then you can not copy the page after copying. ke kitne nuksan hai ..
Mistake 4: Post me SEO: If you have a blog or have a chat, then you can search for a search by searching for SEO.

Mistake 5: Choti Post Likhna: If you are looking for a topic like this, please contact me or any other person, or if you have any questions about automatic posting, visit the visitor or Google friend. Kosis has some 600+ words in the detailed post.

Mistake 6: Blog post me Image Ka use Na Karna: Kafi Blogger Ye Mistake Kar Lete Hai, Vo Apni Post Me Image Ka use hi Nahi Karte If you want to share this post with us, then we will be able to share the image, and then click here to log in.

Or you have got 1 image 1000 words to go to war, so go to the image that you want to use.

Mistake 7: Post Language me Fark: You can choose any language that you like, or choose what you like, or if you have a visitor to the place you are interested in. If you are not sure about what you are doing yet I'm sorry

Mistake 8: Blogging Par Post likhna: I do not know how to blogging or posting a message. I have a blog posting for my name only, I have a blogging that I do not know much about starting a blog, but I do not know how to get a high result. I am going to post it .. or blogging for my blog or not even knowing about it.

To Blogging's Topic, please go to the next question before going to the next topic.

Mistake 9: Know Your Knowledge by following: You have a knowledge of the category that you have used to work on and use. Kai is a blogger who knows how to promote technology from technology to motivation. you do not have to

Tip: You can post a new version of Google's Pragate Ads category. Jaise Aapka Blog Technology is a great way for you to use a computer, internet, social media, and software to sell.

Mistake 10: Write a message to the author: You have a right to know how to use the text before you read it. If you do not want to add any of the following words, then you have the option to use the log padhenge and you have no time to compare your image to the image effect.

To do this, you will be able to do the same thing, even when it comes to full energy, you have to pay 100% of your money.

Mistake 11: Post Me Faltu Words Ya Sentence Kaare: Do you have a question that is related to the topic above, but it is not related to me, I do not want to post a message before you start something very soon, usse to or jad or negative blog post

Mistake 12: Post Ki Quality: If you want to have a blog, please do not hesitate to add a keyword to your keyword. Then use the keyword's density to keep track of the quality of the post. let's see

What is the keyword that is used or is it useful if you want to use it, or if you have a blog wordpress on your web site, please try again.

Mistake 13: Visitors to the post: The person who has written this post is visiting a blog on a different visit to the blog, but he has posted a post about something important.

Do you want to know what you want to visit, and what you can do for you.

Mistake 14: Due to blogging, you have a blogging site that does not have a complete insight or you have to complete it.

If you have a blogging tag on your site, you can read it regularly, or go to the blog and read it again and you will also be able to make a good copy of your blog.

* I would like to thank all my friends for blogging and blogging.

Mistake 15: Guest Post Na Karna: If your blog is upgrading to Backlink, you can add it to your blog or your blog has been uploaded to your blog or guest list Guest Posting.
Mistake 16: If you have any idea: If you are going to post something before you have time, you have time to do so, but if you have a choice, then you have to give your hat to your friend. I am sorry to say that ..

Whenever I search or search for a particular post or if I want to post a comment or post a comment or post a comment, then you can post a reply to this post without any link to your blog. or are you Google's favorite blog on Top

Mistake 17: Do not comment on your blog: If you are reading a blog or posting unavailable, do not comment on the same question, Q is to have a backlink to match and you have to If you comment on your site owner's request, please feel free to contact us.

Sirf has not commented or commented on any of the comments or suggestions made by him.

Mistake 18: Do not reply to the comment: If you have a comment (swallow) on your blog, do not click on the blogger's image effect. This is a blog that has been blocked by a group of people who have not been able to reply to this question.

Mistake 19: Comment me galat Use language: If you do not know what to do with your language, or if you can not comment on something, then do not translate any word or any word you want to paste. ..Is it possible to use the Galat language without any other thing?

Mistake 20: Sahi platform Select (do not match): Yes, I started blogging to start blogging for my blog, and I have a great selection of people.

Blogger is the best word for you, or you have to go to the US. If you have read it, you can read it as soon as possible to find the best place for you.

Mistake 21: Domain Buy Naarna (Subdomain Ka Use): If you have a free platform (eg blogger, wordpress or weebly) which is a free blog link that is available for a subdomain. (abc.blogspot.in, abc.wordpress.in or abc.weebly.in)

If you are interested in blogging, then you can add your blog to the domain, then you will not be able to add your blog to your blog if you do not want to add it to your blog.

The domain name is not registered in the Domain Name but it is also added to the domain name ..

Mistake 22: Do not select the theme: Design is a great factor for blogs .. or you can use any template / theme to search the site for your blog or for the best use.

I'm happy to present you the theme

Fast Loading
Mobile Friendly
User Friendly, Please do not use any other site as soon as possible.
SEO Friendly
To save me from the Blog Design Mistakes, please do not forget about your blog design me.

Mistake 23: Alag Alag Category Par work: If you are a regular visitor to your blog or if you want to follow your blog, then follow your blog's category. Please check that your blog is also available. I'm going to have a blog.

If you are not able to comment on the topic, then blog is not available on the topic, or you will not follow any of your blogs.

Mistake 24: Manage Blog Time: Make sure to have bloggers from the front, but I do not know how many times have they been matched that no matlab is there.

It's okay for Har kaam to get time to comment, that is the time to post a comment, and have a comment on it, and manage the blog. It's time to send me a message.

Mistake 25: Social Media Par Time: To promote social media or blog you have to do some other work, but at the same time, the limit on social media is still very strong. It does not matter if the user is using it. jitna time barcode nuksan hoga

To save your blog from Facebook with Traffic, read a book using Facebook.

Mistake 26: Kai blog banana (1 Blog is not perfect time without paan): The reason why Bhut logo is blogging is to earn money from the bank, but it does not say that it will earn money when it comes to blog quality. .. 2-3 times a year for visiting a blog on your blog.

Mistake 27: Blogging Time Table Na Banana (Blogging Schedule): Hame Day By Day Blog Post is updated, so, guest post, backlink, social media in sub par pure din me thoda much time is padta hai.

Please ask me for a time table. If you have time to do any work, you have time to talk about something like that, or if you are going to meet someone ...
Mistake 28: Dusse Bloggers se Salah Na Lena: The blogging field or me is a blogger who can judge you so that you can help him in the same way.

It's a blogger's blog that has not been linked to me.

Mistake 29: Adsense ke sath game game: If you have a blog or you have to use adsense, you may want to add some adsense ads to your account.

Mistake 30: Target Blogging Not to mention: All of the targets are targeted. You have a blogging experience. If you want to know about Hamesa, then you have to post it or make a promotion in this time. Or .. It is a visitor.

Agar does not appear to have any problem with this message.
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